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August 2023: Network News

Your Summer Sustainability Reading List

Here are NBS’s 10 most-read articles during 2023.
Refresh your thinking on core sustainability topics —
and enjoy the rest of the summer!

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1. Five Main Threats to Biodiversity

Threats to biodiversity are mounting. Businesses need to understand the dangers—and the opportunities for action.

2. What is Sustainable Innovation?

By building sustainability into innovation, companies can create products, services, and processes that are good for both society and the organization.

3. What is Social Sustainability?

Sustainable development requires social sustainability. Understand what it means and how your business can contribute.

4. Three Reasons Employees Act Unethically


Building an ethical company requires addressing multiple factors; individual, issue-specific, and environmental.

5. How to Motivate People Toward Sustainability

Seven strategies that can motivate everyone from employees to communities.

6. What is Sustainable Marketing?

Sustainable marketing can’t be defined without addressing marketing’s primary purpose: profit. How can marketers achieve both profitability and sustainability?

7. How Diversity Increases Productivity

Racial diversity in upper and lower management leads to better strategy and implementation — and greater productivity.

8. Five Principles of a Sustainable Business Model

Learn about the 5 elements for a sustainable business model that systems theory identifies.

9. What is Business Sustainability?

Business sustainability is not CSR, the triple bottom line, or shared value. It’s bigger, more systemic, and more long term.

10. Partnering with NGOs: The 4 Keys to Success

How has a long-term alliance between business and an NGO improved both social impact and market opportunities?

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