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Bushra Tobah

Doctoral Student

Schulich School of Business, York University

Articles by Bushra Tobah

3 Reasons Employees Act Unethically


Employees’ ethics at work are driven by individual, issue-specific, and environmental factors. Building an ethical company requires addressing them all.

Through a survey of Spain’s 500 largest firms, researchers pinpoint three approaches to CSR to ensure it creates value for the company.

Firms with troubled CSR reputations suffer lower stock prices in a scandal than CSR-strong companies that properly disclose their misdemeanours.

Discover five ways to help your employees climb out of that disengaged slump, and spring into a more productive and motivated work ethic.

A responsible corporate image is hard to build and easy to lose, and managers need to treat it as more than a short-term public relations issue.

In theory, adapting to climate change sounds like a good thing for companies to do. But a lack of understanding of the costs of inaction, unclear performance indicators and unreceptive organizational cultures often prevent businesses from taking concrete action on environmental issues

Nike's response to a supply chain crisis repositioned it as a sustainability leader, and raised the bar for an entire industry.

Business should engage on environmental policy issues for a win-win situation

Good CSR and a strong corporate moral compass can drive financial performance through better employee engagement and commitment to your firm.

Discover how good corporate citizenship and sustainable business practices attract and help retain top-notch talent for your firm.

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