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Author: Kevin Hurren


Leaders can shift company culture, but it’s not easy. 3M’s experience with Six Sigma shows a path.

What happens when practices once taken for granted – like smoking in the workplace – start to become less acceptable?

New research places business leaders at the centre of management innovation, providing inspiration for researchers and leadership for fellow practitioners.

Research suggests norms for political correctness can positively effect workplace creativity by sharpening an individual’s contribution to a group.

Socially responsible branding can humanize companies. It has a leg up on conventional positioning strategies. So where do green products fit in this?

Research suggests that even when women get the opportunity to dictate their own pay—such as within their own social enterprises—they still settle for less.


The rise of certified Latin American B Corps is noteworthy. Sistema B wants to help southern B Corps achieve scale and impact.


Animaná connects those at the start of the value chain – artisans, weavers, small-scale farmers – to those at the end – designers, companies, consumers.


To understand B Corps, get to know B Lab. B Lab certifies companies and provides a platform for them to contribute to community and environment.

Researchers look at how firms get involved with CSR, not just why.


  • Kevin Hurren
  • Maya Fischhoff

    Maya Fischhoff is the Knowledge Manager for the Network for Business Sustainability. She has worked at NBS since 2012. She has a PhD in environmental psychology from the University of Michigan and has worked for government, business, and non-profits. She also covered the celebrity beat on her college newspaper. Working for NBS allows her to combine her passions for sustainability, research, and journalism.

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