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“Efficiency culture” poisons partnerships between Western organizations and Indigenous peoples. Here are 4 tips for better partnerships.

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Partnerships between organizations and Indigenous peoples can help reverse a history of oppression – but require deep relationships and trust.


  • BJ Cruse

    BJ (short for Benjamin John) Cruse is a Monaroo Elder and Chair of the Eden Local Aboriginal Land Council in New South Wales, Australia. He has been a chairperson for more than 35 years in the land council system, but active in Indigenous politics since 1966, when he joined the Wallaga Lake Political Youth Group as the group's treasurer.

  • Maegan Baker

    Dr. Maegan Baker is the Director of Skills & Education (Partnerships) at Western Parkland City Authority in Australia. She completed her PhD in Strategy and Innovation at the University of Sydney Business School. Her research looked at interplay of different perspectives in cross-sector partnerships, with a focus on emotion and temporal work. She has a particular interest in Indigenous-led initiatives that shift dominant ways of knowing and being and create potential for innovation through engagement and collaboration.

  • Chelsea Hicks-Webster

    Chelsea spent her master’s degree studying ecosystem health in Kenya and is the former Operations Manager for The Network for Business Sustainability. She’s also a certified life coach. Chelsea now splits her time between her two passion projects; sustainability writing and editing, and helping over-stressed mothers improve their mental health and find more joy in life.

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