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Author: Maria Jose (Majo) Murcia

Building sustainability into complex global supply chains is tough. In response, some firms are choosing to bring production in-house instead of outsourcing.


  • Maria Jose (Majo) Murcia

     Maria Jose (Majo) Murcia is an Assistant Professor at IAE Business School and Facultad de Ciencias Empresariales, Universidad Austral, Argentina. She is also a Visiting Professor at University of British Columbia, Canada. She majored in Economics at Universidad de Buenos Aires (cum Laude), received an MBA degree from IAE Business School, Austral University (Summa cum Laude), and earned a doctorate from University of British Columbia, Canada. She conducts research in the broad fields of strategy and sustainable business management, which she has published in such journals as Business & Society, Journal of Business Ethics, Management Learning, among others.

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