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Author: Sandra Waddock


A 5-part framework shows how companies can adopt social purpose. Lafarge Eastern Canada has used it to guide transformational change.


We studied what makes systems thrive. Applying the answers we found can preserve life on earth and our future.

In traditional cultures, shamans offer healing. Their qualities can advance sustainability today.

Every age has a story. Today, our story has become unsustainable. Sandra Waddock shows us how to use the power of storytelling to develop a new way of living.

Constant growth has become a dangerous meme. Dr. Sandra Waddock identifies diverse alternatives.

Individuals can change the world. Dr. Sandra Waddock describes key steps to making a difference, drawing on her study of sustainability leaders.


  • Sandra Waddock

    Sandra Waddock is the Galligan Chair of Strategy, Carroll School Scholar of Corporate Responsibility, and Professor of Management in the Carroll School of Management at Boston College. Widely published, Dr. Waddock's research interests are in the area of large system change, intellectual shamanism, stewardship of the future, wisdom, corporate responsibility, management education, and multi-sector collaboration. Author or editor of thirteen books, her most recent books are Healing the World (Routledge/Greenleaf, 2017), Intellectual Shamans: Management Academics Making a Difference (Cambridge, 2015), Building the Responsible Enterprise: Where Vision and Values Meet Value (with Andreas Rasche, Stanford, 2012), and SEE Change: Making the Change to a Sustainable Enterprise Economy (with Malcolm McIntosh, Greenleaf, 2011). Dr. Waddock has published over 140 articles on corporate citizenship, sustainable enterprise, difference making, wisdom, stewardship of the future, responsibility management systems, corporate responsibility, management education, and related topics.

  • Coro Strandberg

    Coro Strandberg is lead advisor of Canada’s United Way Social Purpose Institute.

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