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Author: Sophie Klein

Experience the GRONEN workshop on sustainability teaching from the perspective of new educator Sophie Klein.


  • Sophie Klein

    Sophie Klein is a PhD Candidate in Sustainable Business and Finance with a diverse background spanning research institutes, the corporate sector, and international organizations. Her primary research interest revolves around financing the sustainable transition of incumbent business models. This includes the mapping of corporate financial structures in transforming business models, financing the phase-out of 'unsustainable' business models, and investigating the role of financial intermediaries and the effectiveness of financial instruments in sustainability transitions. Her commitment extends to teaching activities, such as the master course "Strategy, Economics, and Societal Impact" and "Social Impact Consulting Challenge" module. Sophie actively engages in facilitating collaborations between Utrecht University and external stakeholders, fostering shared research projects with broad impact. Within the Pathways to Sustainability community, she leads the interdisciplinary program "Scaling up nature-positive investments and biodiversity finance". She also serves as a board member of the UN Global Compact Young Sustainable Finance initiative. More about Sophie: https://www.uu.nl/staff/SMAKlein

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