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New research shows how philanthropy drives financial results by attracting new customers and keeping existing consumers loyal to your firm.

Research shows how your firm's comprehensive environmental risk management strategy can reduce cost of capital and increase opportunity for debt financing.

What motivates managers to look beyond regulatory requirements to improve their company’s environmental practices? It may be a matter of perspective.

How can companies extend periods of exceptional financial performance and end those of substandard performance? This study found that good stakeholder relations were a key factor in sustaining above-average financial performance.

Community stakeholders have substantial control over corporate resources and decisions companies make about the environment. Three groups often drive improvements in firm environmental performance.

This study investigates whether CSR improves long-term financial performance by satisfying customers. It finds returns on CSR can be positive or negative depending on a firm’s innovation and product quality.

Designed for executives and senior supply chain, purchasing and sustainability managers, NBS presents a 3-step framework for sustainable supply chains.

Your firm can't buy its way out of a soured reputation with philanthropy alone, but building a culture of good corporate citizenship might do the trick.

Dr. Turcotte introduces fundamentals of stakeholder engagement, including key terms, issues, steps to implement strategy, and further resources.

This represents the fourth instalment of the Challenges report. Here, we present the top sustainability challenges in Canada as identified by stakeholders.

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