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This represents the fourth instalment of the Challenges report. Here, we present the top sustainability challenges in Canada as identified by stakeholders.

The right corporate social responsibility initiatives can improve your brand equity, while inappropriate or ill-timed CSR tactics can hurt you.

The following is a list of the year’s best research findings related to CSR. Taken from top management journals such as the Academy of Management and the Journal of Marketing, these research insights help senior leaders kick-start their sustainability planning for 2011.

Data quality needs to improve. But carbon disclosure and reporting continues to attract attention from the public, media, government, and business alike.

The primer is designed for professionals with limited experience in CSR who want to learn about the effects of climate change on business.

Research shows that deregulation offers competitive advantage and increases green power in the U.S. electrical utility industry.

Research finds good stakeholder relations are a key factor in sustaining above-average financial performance.

Companies are searching for new ways to foster employees’ ethical behaviour and minimize the potential for reputation-damaging scandals.

Two tools—life cycle analysis and input-output analysis—can help managers assess the environmental impact of products.

How can sustainability knowledge be diffused among colleagues and employees? A number of factors facilitate organizational learning, and the results of the learning processes.

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