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While some consumers are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products, companies must consider to whom they market these products and how.

Communicating your firm's CSR activities may bolster stakeholder engagement and drive consumer support.

This study examines the chemical industry's Responsible Care Program and evaluates whether it improved member firms' environmental performance relative to their peers. The authors find firms that adopt Responsible Care do not make environmental improvements faster than other firms-possibly because non-compliance is not punished.

The framework developed in this article breaks the concept of sustainability into a hierarchy of four levels of issues.

Discover how investing in CSR insures your firm by protecting your reputation and reducing financial impact of negative press.

Discover how good corporate citizenship and sustainable business practices attract and help retain top-notch talent for your firm.

Organizations are more likely to show commitment to CSR programs when the monetary or physical obligation is far in the future.

Managers should define the concepts and goals of marketing and sustainability, and their relation to strategy, then use the marketing team to drive change.

How can oil companies best respond to global competition and climate change? Keep up with competition by adapting your climate change strategy.

Businesses are increasing responses to climate change, yet CO2 emissions continue to rise. Your firm doesn't need to follow this trend.

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