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Selecting mutual funds that screen irresponsible firms reduces portfolio diversity but can improve long-term financial performance.

When done strategically, investments in social and environmental activities can reduce market risk by stabilizing the volatility of your firm's stock price.

These four indicators will help your business measure greenhouse gases across the value chain.

Environmental change comes from leaders who promote others’ welfare, motivate change, and can act in different leadership roles.


A recent study found that family owned firms have a better environmental record than their non-family counterparts.

How can managers prevent burnout in employees who don’t like their jobs? Show them how their work helps others.

Social product features such as labour practices can affect a person's buying intentions, but most people will not trade off on functionality.

A survey of supervisors in a multinational corporation finds only one factor is significant in shaping perceived support for corporate sustainability: commitment from top management.

Manufacturing plants can improve their performance and help the environment by investing in environmental technologies. However, if given the choice between remediating pollution or preventing it at the source, the latter was more related to corporate profits

What motivates managers to look beyond regulatory requirements to improve their company’s environmental practices? It may be a matter of perspective.

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