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A good CSR strategy acts as a buffer for depreciating share prices during market turmoil.

Consumers act responsibly when they see an impact, feel connected, and don’t have to sacrifice quality.

The Socially Responsible Purchase and Disposal (SRPD) scale measures how consumers make green purchases and finds that it hinges on making a difference.

Managers can learn from different strategies when considering how to deal with climate change in their business.

Firm financial performance as a result of CSR activities can be difficult to measure: its value may lie in intangible assets like employee engagement.

Evidence shows recent graduates want to work for sustainable, responsible organizations.

This represents the third instalment of the Challenges report. Here, we present the top seven sustainability challenges as identified by our stakeholders.

This marks the second instalment of the Challenges report. Our stakeholders identified nine sustainability issues, which we present here.

2008 inaugurated NBS's yearly announcement of sustainability challenges facing Canadian business. These issues are addressed through research.

At the inaugural meeting for the NBS Leadership Council, 10 priorities were identified as the key sustainability priorities for Canadian business for 2007/8. Of those ten priorities, two were selected as issues that were researched and became our systematic reviews.

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