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A $30 Billion Opportunity

Map can help us make sense of our complex world and Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) can do the same for your organization.

Size and shape of a product affect recycling behaviour. This means many recyclables go to waste. How can we solve this problem?

The magnitude of the food waste problem presents significant opportunities for business.

Food waste is under scrutiny – even Pope Francis denounced it. Researchers estimate that 40% of food goes to waste in the US and also Canada. In Canada, this equates to $27 billion.

Consumer perceptions of the effectiveness of environmentally-friendly products affect how much they use.

What do a tire company, yogurt company, and luxury goods producer have in common? Five practices to reduce waste, improve reputation, and increase revenues.

Owners of environmentally-friendly vehicles are less willing to give up driving altogether, but are more willing to purchase another hybrid.

Consumers value corporate social responsibility (CSR) and responsible products when they see information, moral alignment, and affordability.

Sustainability decisions range from routine (switching off lights, recycling) to highly complex (reclaiming land, making large procurement decisions).

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