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Climate Change

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How can oil companies best respond to global competition and climate change? Keep up with competition by adapting your climate change strategy.

Businesses are increasing responses to climate change, yet CO2 emissions continue to rise. Your firm doesn't need to follow this trend.

Firms can benefit from considering their role in emissions trading early to stay ahead of regulation and competition.

Researchers find policy and industry pressures motivate corporations to participate in the emissions market. Assess your company's position in this market.

Researchers contrast corporate responses to climate change in the UK and Pakistan. How does your firm's response compare?

Adapting to climate change requires strategic timing and commitment within the organization.

Climate change is a business issue. Here are four reasons why adapting to a changing climate should be on every executive's radar.

Emissions regulations are likely to increase. Multinational companies don't need to wait; they can proactively respond by cutting emissions.

Managers can learn from different strategies when considering how to deal with climate change in their business.

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