Corporate Social Responsibility in Northern Québec

This guide is designed to help large companies implement and improve their corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. It is based on academic research and the best practices of leading companies in northern Québec, Canada.

The Government of Quebéc, through the Société du Plan Nord, sought a guide on corporate social responsibility (CSR) particularly for businesses operating in Northern Quebéc, Canada. REDD (NBS’s francophone office in Montréal) led the creation of the guide, bringing together leading academic research and in-depth case studies.

CSR is an approach to business that allows companies to make a positive contribution to society. Building meaningful relationships with diverse stakeholders, including the communities affected by the company’s projects, is core to effective CSR.

Companies in any industry can use this guide to launch or improve their CSR practices, although it is tailored specifically to mining and forestry companies in northern Québec.

Guide Table of Contents

  • Section 1: CSR in 2 diagrams

  • Section 2: The top 4 benefits of CSR

  • Section 3: More than 40 examples of CSR initiatives

  • Section 4: CSR implementers and success factors

  • Section 5: A roadmap to CSR

  • The CSR toolbox: 15 concrete tools to guide CSR implement and improvement.

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