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Welcome to our media area. Here, you’ll find a description of the Network for Business Sustainability, an overview of how our website works, and instructions for using our free content.

About the Network for Business Sustainability

The Network for Business Sustainability is made up of 35,000 individuals dedicated to making business way more sustainable. We envision a world in which business activity results in thriving human communities that operate within planetary boundaries.

Business touches all corners of the globe. It can — and must — be a force for creating sustainable human societies. But “business as usual” is falling far short. New ways of thinking are needed to propel us beyond the status quo.

The Network for Business Sustainability is uniquely positioned to create rigorous, relevant knowledge that pushes the frontier of sustainable business. Housed at the Ivey Business School, we have deep roots in both academia and practice. For more than a decade, our core team of faculty and staff has been creating space for members to co-create knowledge. The result is a huge collection of quality content, mobilized worldwide.

Navigating the website

The NBS is website is full of resources about sustainable business. We began producing content at the nexus of business research and practice in 2005. Since that time, we’ve produced more than 800 systematic review, articles, podcasts and videos. This content is based on both rigorous academic research and the emerging ideas of sustainable business thought leaders.

Visit our resource library to navigate our content by topic or by format. You’ll also have access to all instalments of our special series, including ‘From Tima’s Desk.’ In this monthly column, NBS’s Executive Director, Tima Bansal, shares her musings and provocations.

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