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    Are you interested in innovating to make your business more circular?

    If you work at an SME in Ontario, Canada, the Circular Food Leadership Program can help you do so — and applications are open now!

    Over the span of a year, participating businesses will be guided through a structured innovation process to drive successful food waste exchanges and a resilient circular economy in Ontario.

    This program is a part of a research collaboration with Innovation North, Ivey’s Centre for Building Sustainable Value, and #COIL. It aims to help companies with the circular innovation process.

    How would innovating to be more circular benefit your business?

    You’ll learn about circular strategies like “upcycling” waste into new products. These are ways to

    – Create value (even revenue!) from byproducts that otherwise might be considered “waste”
    – Reduce the amount of virgin raw materials they need to purchase by using other companies’ “waste”
    – Divert waste from landfills, combatting issues like climate change and overconsumption of materials.

    Integrating processes that achieve these benefits can be challenging. For most companies, such processes are brand new.

    If you work in an food-related SME in Ontario, this is your chance to work through these challenges to generate innovative solutions in the guided program.

    Learn more about the project – and how you might get involved – here: https://coil.eco/cflp/

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