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    Innovation shouldn’t just lead to selling more stuff.

    Instead, it can be a tool for sustainability.

    What does sustainable innovation look like?

    It means new products, services, or processes that are good for the organization and for society in the long term.

    Innovating sustainably can help companies attract and retain better talent, foster creativity, and build resiliency to crises.

    But how can they integrate these practices?

    There are 3 ways to get started:

    1. Do the same things better. Start with improving the processes in your existing business model to be more sustainable. (ex: A car manufacturer uses less energy to make and sell cars.

    2. Do new things. Add a new product line or business unit that directly contributes to sustainability. (ex: A car manufacturer sells electric cars, or branches into car-sharing services.)

    3. Do things with others. Collaboration lets you change unsustainable systems. Working with other organizations — businesses, nonprofits, and government — you can create initiatives and policies that drive sustainability on a broader scale. (ex: Create electric charging infrastructure, or a network of bike paths).

    Watch the video or read the article to learn more! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=li0EpfSbOJg&ab_channel=NetworkforBusinessSustainability
    Written and recorded by: Ju Young Lee

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