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Hannah Hill

NBS Staff discuss their interests, their goals, and what drove them to pursue business sustainability.

What is your official job description at NBS?

I support the operations behind the scenes at NBS, including finance, HR, and administration. I don’t really have a job description per se, every day looks different and brings new challenges! I go with the flow and help where needed to make sure NBS is running like a well-oiled machine.

Why did you decide to work at NBS?

I *technically* work at The Lab at Innovation North, which is also led by Tima Bansal. NBS and Innovation North intersect in many different ways, so it only makes sense that I support both. Prior to starting work full-time, I completed my degree in Environment and Business at the University of Waterloo, so business sustainability is both a personal and professional interest for me. Working at both organizations gives me a sense of optimism for our planet!

What are your interests outside work? 

Outside of work, I can be found outside as much as I can. Recently I have taken up gardening and am battling against all of the dandelions in my backyard. My partner and I also enjoy biking and snowboarding together.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

My grandma was a huge influence in my life until her passing a few years ago. I will remember her as someone who was extremely resilient, full of grit, and witty one-liners. One of my favourite pieces of advice from her is: “Go with your gut.”

Who- past or present- would you like to invite to a dinner party?

At our weekly NBS team meetings, we start with a Question of the Day. A few weeks ago, I posed the question: Would you rather travel back in time to meet your ancestors or to the future to meet your descendants? Most of us picked the latter, but I think it would be so fun to host all of my descendants at one big, family dinner party. (I imagine it would be quite hectic and crazy, knowing my present-day family!)

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