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Jadyn Kuah

NBS Staff discuss their interests, their goals, and what drove them to pursue business sustainability.

What is your official job description at NBS?

My role is to support NBS’s website with new content and manage online operations. In addition, I support content production processes, create multimedia resources, and collaborate with the team to further amplify NBS’s resources.

Why did you decide to work at NBS?

From my studies in Global Development and Environmental Studies at Queen’s University and my extra-curriculars, I have become a passionate advocate for the environment and social justice initiatives. The world is coming to a turning point where systemic and individual action is most needed to address the interrelated climate and inequality crises. Our generation is responsible for making change for the future, and I believe that businesses are a huge part of reversing ecological harm and creating a resilient society. Community is at the heart of these issues. NBS is working to make content more accessible and bridging the gap between businesses, academics, and people to make meaningful change together.

How did you become interested in the area of business sustainability?’

I discovered my interest in sustainability within the past few years. In high school, I always tried my best to bring my reusable cup to cafés or take action on an individual level. My interest in sustainability flourished after coming to university, witnessing the sheer amount of waste, and then joining an environmental club. Since then, I have become fiercely passionate about environmental and climate justice, highlighting society’s larger structures that produce unsustainability and inequality. Through these experiences, I realized how collective action advocating for systemic change can make the most difference and that businesses are powerful forces to enact change for the wellbeing of all.

What are your interests outside work?

Outside of work, I am involved in environmental and equity work. I am currently the Co-President of Queen’s Backing Action on the Climate Crisis, a student club and environmental activism group that advocates for addressing climate change and environmental matters. We are a team of forty students striving to make change at Queen’s University and in the Kingston community.


Growing up on the West Coast, I love spending my free time in the mountains, whether hiking, skiing, or reading outside. I also have recently got into strength training which is very empowering! Over the pandemic, I discovered my love for cooking and trying new recipes from different cultures. My favourite dishes to make are focaccia, Asian noodles, and dips like hummus and baba ghanoush!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

A piece of advice I feel resonates with me right now is that “life is what you make it.” Personally, I am anxious to explore areas I’m not familiar with and thus am reluctant to try. However, it’s helped to put my fear of imperfection into perspective. As overused as the saying is, every experience shapes who you are and what you learn from it. I believe that the energy and effort you put into (whatever it may be: a job, a hobby, or skill) is what you get out, not necessarily for external recognition but for your own value.

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