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Making Perfume from Garbage: New Member Spotlight

NBS welcomes two new companies to its membership this month. Enerkem and GEOS Spa Sacacomie have both agreed to join NBS’s Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Council.

Making Perfume from Garbage

Enerkem is a thermochemical company that converts landfill waste into methanol, replacing the fossil fuels traditionally used in transportation and product manufacturing. As their company description says: “Any fuel, chemical and everyday product made from petroleum can be made by Enerkem from garbage.” These products include paints, perfumes and coating for textiles.

Headquartered in Montreal, Enerkem is best known for partnering with the city of Edmonton, Alberta to address the city’s goal of 90 per cent waste diversion. Edmonton and its unique urban waste management program were featured on the environmental program The Nature of Things in November 2012. Watch the episode. (Edmonton’s municipal waste solution featured at 28:45.)



Rejuvenating People and Planet

Geos Spa Sacacomie is a health spa dedicated not only to rejuvenation and personal care but also to the responsible use of natural resources. Located 150 kilometres north of Montreal, GEOS Spa is pursuing LEED certification for its construction and is the only first FSC-Certified building in Canada. Learn more about how GEOS Spa is helping preserve and protect the local environment:

  • GEOS Spa’s Integrated Sustainable Development Plan

  • Overview of GEO Spa’s Design, Construction and Ecological Site Management Practices



About the SME Council

NBS’s SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) Council includes business leaders from 15 Canadian organizations recognized for their innovative approach to sustainable business. Every year, these business leaders identify the issues on which their organizations and SMEs in general need authoritative insights to move them closer to sustainability.

For more information about the SME Council, please contact NBS’s French Office Coordinator, Céline Fiorucci, at cfiorucci@nbs.net.

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