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February 2020: Network News


Going Fast by Going Slow

Feel exhausted in a world of increasing demands? Systems thinking tells us that if we do fewer things well, we will ultimately achieve more, faster. Dr. Tima Bansal, NBS’s Executive Director, writes this column.
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Making the Sharing Economy Sustainable

The sharing economy has reshaped society, but its impact has been mixed. Realizing its potential depends on each of us.
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Report from the Research Frontier

Cutting-edge research can help your business now. This month’s tips: 1. A Low Ranking May be Worse than No Ranking Firms that barely made a sustainability ranking experienced a drop in stock price, compared to similar companies not included in the list. 2. Air Pollution Leads to Investing Errors  Because air pollution can cause bad moods, investors try to cheer themselves up by realizing gains. 3. To Keep Society Functioning, Get Involved Our societies rest on established institutions. Maintaining them requires ongoing attention and diverse partnerships.
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