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January 2020: Network News


Priorities for 2020: What’s Your Issue?

Share your top sustainability issue for 2020 and learn what your peers are focused on.
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Report from the Research Frontier

Cutting-edge research can help your business now. This month’s tips: 1. For Workplace Change, Don’t be Angry Anger drives social movements, but inside organizations, it can be paralyzing. Consider motivating employees through other emotions. 2. Financial Instruments Can’t Manage Climate Change – Yet “Catastrophe bonds” aim to spread the risk of natural disasters. But losses could mount as climate change intensifies. 3. Confusion is the New Greenwashing Companies revealing negative environmental information use more obscure language in their disclosures. What’s needed for true transparency?
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You are doing powerful work. We want to increase your impact by connecting you with others. Please share your opportunities related to sustainable business at discuss.nbs.net. This can include new reports, awards, open positions, conferences, and more. Each month, we’ll round up the posts and share them here. 
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