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From Tima’s Desk: What an Indigenous Worldview Means to Me — and Business

For social justice and for human survival, the Indigenous worldview needs to become our guide for decisions. Businesses can play a role in this transition.

Dr. Tima Bansal, NBS’s Founder, writes this column.


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5 Main Threats to Biodiversity

Threats to biodiversity are mounting. Businesses need to understand the dangers—and the opportunities for action.


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We share recent resources of interest. Please share your sustainability-related resources and opportunities at discuss.nbs.net.

  • The Decisive Decade: Organising Climate Action (Oxford University/Mission 2020): Tackling climate change requires involvement by non-profits, funders, and businesses. But how can these organisations work together? This visual report describes how to achieve “catalytic collaboration” through shared narratives, trust, and accountability. Based on a two-year study.
  • Map of Climate Adaptation Actions (Canadian Government): Decision-makers need examples of climate change adaptation actions. Canada’s new Map of Adaptation Actions provides an up-to-date, interactive, one-stop-shop for examples of climate change adaptation from across the country. Actions are sorted by issue, sector, and type of action. Feedback welcome!



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