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March 2020: Network News

From Tima’s Desk: Does the Coronavirus Offer Lessons for Climate Change?
The coronavirus and climate change are very different problems. But the global response to the coronavirus gives me hope that we can tackle other global threats. Dr. Tima Bansal, NBS’s Executive Director, writes this column.
Find Reasons for Hope
COVID-19 Response: Share Inspiration

Our hearts go out to everyone who has been affected by this new reality.

Let’s share our ideas of how to respond. What is your business doing to address the challenges of COVID-19?

We especially seek inputs from small and medium sized businesses from around the world. How are you keeping your employees, community and business afloat? Is a manager calling employees to check in, or a CEO accepting a pay cut? No idea is too small.

NBS will collect and share these ideas and practices, so that businesses can learn from and inspire others. Please take a moment to send your experience to Maya at mfischhoff@nbs.net.

Share Your Experience
How to Make the Climate Transition Fair: Lessons from Australia
Five actions can ease the climate transition for those most affected by a changing electricity market: low-income consumers and coal plant workers.
See Five Actions
2020 Priorities: NBS Members Share
Circular economy profits. Sustainability accounting. Value chain emissions reduction. Discover what your peers see as priorities for 2020.
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