10 Things New Sustainability Managers Need to Know

10 Things New Sustainability Managers Need to Know

Whether you’re looking for Sustainability 101 or cutting-edge research, this top 10 list will get you started.
NBS August 22, 2011
10 Things for New Sustainability Managers
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If you’ve been asked to lead your company’s sustainability efforts, it may seem overwhelming. What do you need to know? How can you make sense of all the available information?

We have consolidated a few key questions into the following list. Download the PDF to see the answers with links to resources that can help - whether you’re looking for “Sustainability 101” or the most cutting-edge global research.

  1. Do sustainability investments pay back?
  2. How can we make sustainability part of our corporate culture?
  3. How can our supply chain be more competitive and sustainable?
  4. Will our customers pay for sustainable products or services?
  5. How can I best engage stakeholders?
  6. What are the best measurements of my company’s environmental impacts?
  7. How can our corporate sustainability practices attract and retain great employees?
  8. How can my company mitigate and adapt to climate change?
  9. What is business sustainability?
  10. How can I find resources on other questions, or find out about new research or research in progress on other issues?

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