Accenture Chair in Sustainable Strategy

Accenture Chair in Sustainable Strategy

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Accenture Chair in Sustainable Strategy

 Liege, Belgium

HEC-Management School of the University of Liege
University of Liege 


The mission of our center is to raise awareness and to develop (academic and executive) education as well as scientific research on Sustainable Strategy in a multi-polar world where concepts such as sustainable development become unavoidable. Indeed, firms and organizations (such as cities for example) now have to integrate more and more the three pillars of sustainable development (economic, environmental, social dimensions) in their strategy.

Main Activities

"Accenture Chair in Sustainable Strategy" has three fundamental objectives:

To provide a high-quality academic education in strategy and, in particular, in sustainable strategy. Two academic courses are currently concerned:

"International Strategy”, an academic course which provides first Master’s students in Management Science with the necessary basis in strategic management.

"Sustainable Strategy in a Multi-Polar World", a three-week intensive seminar organized for all second Master’s students in January.

To contribute to scientific research in (Sustainable) Strategy and in Corporate Social Responsibility.

To propose punctual expertise activities, to animate punctual seminar or conferences and to provide executive education on these themes.

The use of various teaching methods including instructor lead sessions, conferences with international business leaders, reading portfolios and real-life case studies with active coaching by professors and management consultants from Accenture will further add to the experience.

Organizational Structure

The department is mainly financed by Accenture.


Nathalie Crutzen
Assistant Professor