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Amsterdam Business School

 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam Business School
University of Amsterdam


The ABS mission and vision explicitly state that we want to foster independent minds that have an impact on international business and society. We take the societal aspect of this mission and vision very seriously through particular attention to ethics, responsibility and sustainability in research, education and outreach activities. ABS has been working on these issues since its inception.

Main Activities

Sustainability and ethics are integrated throughout the curriculum and also offered as specialist courses. In this way thousands of our students are trained in integrating sustainability aspects in a normal business context.

Topics of research include corporate governance, climate/energy; consumers and sustainability, commercial bank environmental and social risk management, sustainability in international business, partnerships for development, green innovation and product development, social entrepreneurship, ethical leadership, stakeholder management, CSR communication, branding and advertising, sustainability reporting and assurance, NGO accountability.

The ABS is also active in CSR-related contract research. Examples include the assessment of economic effects of environmental regulation, capacity building in Vietnam and Cambodia and supporting social entrepreneurship.

Organizational Structure

At the University of Amsterdam Business School, sustainability broadly defined (corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, environmental, social and ethical aspects of business) is integrated in the teaching and research of the academic departments (accounting; finance; international strategy and marketing; HRM/organizational behaviour).

In this way it is embedded in both teaching and research programs. We participate in various (inter)national network organizations, inter alia the Partnership Resource Centre in the Netherlands.


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