Bench Marks Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility

Bench Marks Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility

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Bench Marks Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility

 Potchefstroom, South Africa 

School of Corporate Social Responsibility
North-West University  


Derived from the vision and the mission, the centre will be uniquely informed by the following guiding principles and approaches:

Main Activities

The centre is proud to focus in a specialized way on the core business of any university, namely research, teaching and community engagement.

Research wise, the flag ship project of the centre is the SADC (Southern Africa Development Community) Mining Project where different developmental and sustainability issues in the mining sector in SADC are being studied and analyzed, for example migration, generational collaboration and acculturation, corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate social investment (CSI), social entrepreneurship, governance issues, stakeholder dialogue, and power relations and dynamics within the SADC mining sector.

The Bench Marks Centre for CSR is currently in the process of finalizing a substantial project through SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency) on specific CSR issues (supply chain and social entrepreneurship) in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. The centre is also investigating collaboration opportunities within the global south; in this regard an Africa/India project is in the planning process.

On teaching, the centre offers a course work Masters in Development with a CSR curriculum, as well as a PhD in Development with a CSR curriculum. The centre also has three accredited short courses on CSR; two more advanced ones and a basic course, for among others, community leaders.

Most of the centre’s research projects also have a community engagement dimension. In this regard the focus is on community development, social entrepreneurship and ownership, community participation, the development of self-reliance and the importance of a human-centred approach towards development.

To further and strengthen the work of the centre, solid networks and partnerships in South Africa, Africa and in the international arena were being established over the last few years.

Organizational Structure

The newly established centre currently comprises of the director, prof. Cronjé, an administrative assistant, two full-time researchers, a research fellow, one post-doctoral fellow, and a couple of contract researchers. The Bench Marks Foundation (previously mentioned) is a partner in the centre. In an organizational sense, the centre is hosted within the Faculty of Arts.


Suzanne Reyneke