Building Sustainable Value Research Centre

Building Sustainable Value Research Centre

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Building Sustainable Value Research Centre

London, Canada

Richard Ivey School of Business
Western University


The Centre for Building Sustainable Value's research, teaching and outreach focus on three pillars. We believe these pillars are key levers for change that will allow business to contribute meaningfully to resilient economies and societies.

Sustainable Finance
Capital markets are an important catalyst for businesses to incorporate progressive environmental, social and governance criteria in decision-making. We investigate new ways to invest and manage capital, inclusive measures of ROI, and the implications of short- and long-term time horizons. This work is led by Dr. Diane-Laure Arjaliès.

Sustainable Products
The ways in which products are created, marketed, and transported have a profound impact on environmental and social outcomes. We investigate how businesses transform their supply chains in light of new opportunities and pressures, and how consumers respond to products with sustainability attributes. This work is led by Dr. Jury Gualandris.

Sustainable Innovation
Innovation is the heart of effective organizations across industries and sectors. We investigate how organizations unlock new ways of creating financial and societal value through human-centred processes, design-thinking, and collaboration. This work is led by Dr. Tima Bansal.

Main Activities

The Centre partakes in many diverse programs and activities throughout the year. Some of our most consistent work includes:
Network for Business Sustainability
The Centre founded and hosts the Network for Business Sustainability. The Network aims to bridge the worlds of research and practice to advance business sustainability. It is comprised of about 2,700 members, of which about 1/3 are academics and 2/3 are managers.
PhD Academy
Every Fall, the BSV Centre hosts the PhD Sustainability Academy. This event, organized by Oana Branzei, convenes 15 promising PhD students and senior researchers championing path-breaking research on sustainability across multiple disciplines using diverse theoretical and methodological approaches. Each student receives intensive feedback on their research project. The participants and faculty members represent a range of management disciplines and methodologies. This Academy represents one of the foremost learning and networking events for students researching social and environmental issues.
Ivey Sustainability Conference
Every December, BSV organizes the Ivey Sustainability Conference. The purpose of this event is to create an inclusive community of scholars who are eager to push the frontiers of knowledge towards sustainable development. Researchers from all disciplines and career stages are welcome to attend and participate in the conference. At a time when intellectual discourse seems to be divisive, we hope that, through this conference, we can build safe, stimulating arenas for the scientific community to engage and grow intellectually, in order to assure the prosperity for all.
Student Engagement
BSV works with students at Ivey to help them run their own events and engage with the local community. The student clubs BSV works with include the HBA Social Impact Club, the MBA Social Impact Group, Ivey Connects, and CEMS @ Ivey.  

Organizational Structure

BSV’s director is Dr. Pratima (Tima) Bansal and its coordinator is Julia Bevacqua.


Julia Bevacqua