Business and Environment Initiative

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Business and Environment Initiative

Boston, United States 
Harvard University 
Harvard Business School

Organizational Structure

In The Business & Environment Initiative (BEI) at Harvard Business School is led by Faculty Chair Michael Toffel and Director Jennifer Nash. BEI has 27 HBS faculty affiliates.

BEI works collaboratively with HBS Administrative Departments including Admissions, Alumni Relations, Career and Professional Development, the Division of Faculty Research & Development, and Operations. It partners with faculty and students at other Harvard schools, including the Kennedy School of Government and Harvard Law School.


BEI supports research, education, and outreach to promote solutions to the urgent environmental challenges facing business and society.

Main Activities

BEI creates opportunities to support faculty learning, enhance students’ environmental education, engage alumni to leverage their experience, and bring academic insights into the world of practice.

Work focuses on six priority areas:


Jennifer Nash