Business Sustainability Collaborative

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Business Sustainability Collaborative

Raleigh, United States

North Carolina State University
Poole College of Management

Organizational Structure

The Business Sustainability Collaborative is led by the BSC Director, Jessica Thomas and BSC Faculty Director, Rosanna Garcia. BSC works with a team of BSC Associates who are committed, exceptional graduate and undergraduate Poole College students. The BSC Associates work collaboratively to advance the Collaborative’s strategic priorities, to identify new programs and activities and to serve as student representatives of the Collaborative. BSC also works with the BSC Faculty Advisory Committee, composed of committed faculty representatives from each of the Poole College departments. The Committee advises the BSC on curriculum development, research and faculty engagement. Funding to support the BSC initiatives comes primarily from an endowment established by a major gift from Lonnie C. Poole Jr., founder of Waste Industries.


The Business Sustainability Collaborative is an academic initiative that connects students, faculty, and the business community through experiential learning, career development, academic and applied research, and partnership opportunities. We develop leaders who can apply research, technology, and critical thinking to drive and measure sustainable business practices. The Collaborative works with faculty to integrate environmental, social and financial responsibility across the curriculum of the Poole College of Management. We engage industry to advance and share innovative sustainability practices that lead to positive business results.

Main Activities

The Collaborative’s main activities include, but are not limited to:


Jessica Thomas