CBS Sustainability Platform

CBS Sustainability Platform

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CBS Sustainability Platform

 Copenhagen, Denmark 

Copenhagen Business School


The CBS Sustainability Platform exists to facilitate development of research, educational and outreach activities on sustainability at Copenhagen Business School (CBS). It is established to serve as a catalyst and communicator of knowledge that can be used in addressing the grand challenges associated with ensuring social, environmental and economic sustainability in society. The CBS Sustainability Platform’s overall research, education and outreach agenda is to question and challenge how the interplay between society’s environmental, social and economic activities is influenced by business and is influencing business.

At Copenhagen Business School (CBS) we recognize that sustainability represents not only a major challenge but also a unique opportunity for universities, companies, NGOs, public authorities and individuals to collaborate and create new knowledge useful to society as a whole. This calls for increased efforts within and across disciplinary boundaries within and beyond CBS.

The CBS Sustainability Platform does not operate through isolated silo-thinking. We join forces across business school disciplines and departments to develop innovative research, teaching and outreach initiatives on sustainability. Most importantly, we have good colleagues who make the journey happen.

Main Activities

Building upon Copenhagen Business School’s current research, education and outreach activities, the objectives of the CBS Sustainability Platform are to:
  1. Enable inter-disciplinary research that can augment existing research activities/agendas within the disciplinary domains of CBS departments by: providing support for external funding and research project development; by attracting (international) PhDs and more senior researchers; by organizing international conferences and developing relationships with strategic funding agencies and potential business partners.
  2. Provide students at all levels with unique educational opportunities that will enable them to effectively address issues pertaining to business and sustainability. This will allow CBS to leverage its position as one of the relatively few business schools in Europe offering an extensive range of educational activities focusing on sustainability.
  3. Continue to develop CBS’ outreach activities through collaboration with students and CBS-colleagues as well as external stakeholders so as to build networks of business leaders, policymakers, researchers, CBS alumni and NGOs that can meet and engage with one another in constructive and thought-provoking ways. Additionally, we propose working with the international accreditation bodies that take an interest in sustainability focus in business school accreditation.

Organizational Structure

The CBS Sustainability Platform is led by two Directors, Professor Mette Morsing and Professor Stefano Ponte, and supported by Project Manager Barbara Louise Bech.


Mette Morsing
Academic Director