Center for Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Finance 

Center for Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Finance 

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Center for Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Finance 

Sydney, Australia

Faculty for Business and Economics
Macquarie University


The Centre for Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Finance(CCSEF) has worldwide reach and impact by demonstrating a financial and business case for corporate action on pressing environmental and social problems.

Main Activities

The CCSEF focuses on research and thought-leadership across three major streams:
  1. Corporate adaptation and resilience to climate change and global environmental change                                                                               
    A first major stream of research of the CCSEF focuses on understanding the need for companies to adapt to and build resilience against climate change and global environmental change more broadly. Adaptation and resilience are particularly important for companies in developing countries that have limited technical expertise and funding.
    Our research assesses the adaptation and resilience of companies and industries in various sectors, including the costs and benefits of adaptation. Recently published studies focus on adaptation in the energy industry as well as the implications of climate change for the sugarcane industry.
  2.  Asset impairment and stranded assets                                                                                     
    A second major stream of research examines the impacts of environmental change on corporate assets. Risks result from resource constraints (e.g., regulatory limits to fossil fuel extraction and carbon constraints) but also changing technology landscapes and social expectations.
    Our research provides thought leadership on recognizing impairment events and on developing financial estimations which quantify the risk that corporate assets, especially in the oil and gas sectors, may become so-called ‘stranded assets’ – that is, assets that become subject to unanticipated or premature write-downs due to the impacts of environmental change. This research stream also focuses on quantifying opportunities for companies such as those associated with the transition to clean technology.
  3. Socially Responsible Investments, ESG and Investment Performance
    A third major stream of research focuses on Social Responsible Investing (SRI), ethical investing, measurement of ESG performance, and resulting consequences for investment portfolio construction and investment return performance. This research streams examines areas of fund flow, measurement of corporate ESG performance as well as the behavioral attributes and motivations of investors, and provides analytical and practical recommendations for the corporate and financial sector.

Organizational Structure

The CCSEF is located in the Faculty of Business and Economics at Macquarie University, Sydney. The center is led by center director Professor Martina Linnenluecke and comprises ten faculty members with expertise across finance, accounting, corporate governance, management and global change research. The CCSEF runs a PhD program and serves the needs of diverse stakeholders, including firms, industry bodies and government.


Martina Linnenluecke
Professor of Environmental Finance