Center for Social Responsibility

Center for Social Responsibility

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Center for Social Responsibility

Pasig City, Philippines 

University of Asia and the Pacific


An academic and research business unit within UA&P which operate as an international organization in the Asia and the Pacific region. Specifically, CSR understands business and a business consultancy which excels at providing social responsibility services guided by the spirit of the social doctrine of the Church.

We will continue to encourage individual employees to lead in the marketing and research development of the Center, but within a clear brand and values framework and against the positioning and financial return criteria already spelt out.

Wherever across the Asia and the Pacific and in whatever service area a client or prospect comes across the Centre for Social Responsibility they should feel that they are dealing with the University of Asia and the Pacific, that UA&P and CSR are one and the same, which operates in a highly consistent and recognizable way.

Main Activities

Local Government Unitsnd Governance
Environment and Natural Resources
Corporate Sustainability

Organizational Structure

The Center for Social Responsibility (CSR) is a research and business unit at the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P). It aims to maximize the synergy between its faculty members, students, and partner institutions to help realize sustainability goals in the Philippines.

The Center prides itself as the country’s premier academic institution to blaze a trail in the field of sustainability in the Philippines. Sustainability is the ability of organizations to meet the needs of the enterprise and its stakeholders while protecting, sustaining, and enhancing the human, community, and natural resources in areas where it operates.

It is in this regard that the exercise of social responsibility in UA&P has taken a broad perspective and approach in that it is not just working with individual members of the academic community but also with businesses to carry out social responsibility programs.


Colin Legarde Hubo
Executive Director