Center for Sustainability

Center for Sustainability

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Center for Sustainability

 Hermosillo, Mexico 

Sustainability Master Degree and Sustainable Development Certificate
University of Sonora 


The University of Sonora is an autonomous public institution whose mission is to train competent professionals in integrative and competent way through high quality educational programs, linking teaching with the generation and application of knowledge to contribute to solving the problems of its environment, particularly through the promotion and implementation of actions that contribute to sustainable development in their institutional campuses, the country in general and the state of Sonora in particular.

The University of Sonora aims to be an institution of higher education that addresses, involves and promotes at regional and global level to minimize the negative impact resulting from the use of its resources to meet its substantive and administrative functions, the environment, society, and health, as a way to help the society in its transition to sustainable lifestyles.

Main Activities

Organizational Structure

The Center for Sustainability is managed through the Sustainable Engineering Academic Body, which is a scientific group of professors which belongs to the Engineering Division of the University of Sonora. Yet, because their multidisciplinary approach for doing science, the researchers in this academic body work closely with researchers in other science fields.

The National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT), which is Mexico's entity in charge of the promotion of scientific and technological activities, ranked the academic body as “Consolidated Academic Body”. This is the maximum status delivered to academic bodies from CONACYT.

The Director is Dr. Luis Velazquez with over 20 years of experience as Industrial Engineer conducting several investigations in Sustainability, Cleaner Production, and Pollution Prevention fields as well as in the study of sustainable universities.


Dr. Luis E. Velázquez