Center for Sustainable Business Practices

Center for Sustainable Business Practices

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Center for Sustainable Business Practices

 Eugene, Oregon, United States 

Lundquist College of Business
University of Oregon 


Business competitiveness and environmental, social, and financial stewardship intersect at the Center for Sustainable Business Practices (CSBP). The center’s program spans all business sectors and academic disciplines to create a focus on integration and balance—between profit and values, work and life, theory and practice. Highly engaged faculty and staff help students draw from their interests and passions as they deepen their understanding of complex sustainability issues from strategic, operational, and tactical perspectives. Graduates leave the program with a Master in Business Administration, specializing in sustainable business practices, offering the dual benefit of broadly recognized credentials and industry-specific skills.

Main Activities 

CSBP recognizes the need to adapt its curricular focus to maintain its position at the forefront of the field. The four major areas that define and structure CSBP are:

CSBP links students and industry via consulting projects, internships, seminars, and speakers. These real-world experiences come in a variety of forms: in-class projects, regional business visits, study-tour options (including to East Asia), and the second-year Strategic Planning Project. Local projects are particularly rich, as the Pacific Northwest region is the hub of sustainable business thought leadership, new startups, and innovations.

CSBP related faculty exemplify thought leadership in this fast moving domain and have produced numerous published articles and books in the areas of corporate environmental practice, industrial ecology, business change, supply chain management, sustainable product development, consumer psychology, environmental management, policies for clean technology, and social entrepreneurship.

Organizational Structure

The UO Lundquist College of Business employs a unique model, aligning students with one of four centers of excellence promoting a specialization within the college’s Oregon MBA program. The four centers are:
Based on interest, background, and commitment to the curriculum, students are admitted into one of the four centers. Throughout the individualized educational journey, the center provides support by keeping pulse on the ever-changing business climate and network of its specific industry.


Michael V. Russo
Academic Director

Izabel Loinaz
Program Manager & Senior Instructor

Ryan Cabinte
Program Manager