Center for Sustainable System Studies

Picture of Center for Sustainable System Studies

Center for Sustainable System Studies

Volta Redonda Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

Universidade Federal Fluminense
Department of Production Engineering - School of Industrial Engineering Metallurgical at Volta Redonda  

Organizational Structure

The CESS is a team of researchers within the Department of Production Engineering within Universidade Federal Fluminense.


The objective of Center for Sustainable System Studies (CESS) is to develop studies on systems to improve the sustainability of the urban, industrial and logistics systems.

CESS identifies opportunities in several areas and segments with a focus on ensuring that available resources today can also be used by the future generations.

Main Activities 

The CESS studies Brazilian social problems that have not been solved yet. The CESS develops research, case studies, tools and strategies for sustainability. Their sustainability research specifically focuses on:


Newton Narciso Pereira
Adjunct Professor