Centre for Co-operative & Community-Based Economy

Centre for Co-operative & Community-Based Economy

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Picture of Centre for Co-operative & Community-Based Economy

Centre for Co-operative & Community-Based Economy

 Victoria, Canada 

Gustavson School of Business
University of Victoria 


The mission of the Center for Co-operative and Community-Based Economy is to:
  1. foster and co-ordinate interdisciplinary research related to the co-operative economy in BC and throughout the world;
  2. promote the dissemination of research related to co-operative and community-based economy among researchers, teachers, and those in the wider community; and
  3. promote the development and offering of university courses that provide an understanding of co-operatives as well as the role and potential for co-operative and community-based economy broadly understood.

Main Activities 

The CCCBE has established a core program of activities as part of our commitment to the engagement and promotion of interdisciplinary research and learning on subjects related to the co-operative and community-based economy. A central part of that is a lecture series that features presentations by distinguished UVic academics, graduate students, visiting faculty, and community practitioners. Our "Friday Munch" gatherings are another means of connecting and engaging researchers, students, co-operatives, and members of the community. We host and encourage participation in workshops, seminars, and conferences.

An important part of our offering is a stimulating scholarly community. Stipendiary fellowships are offered to University of Victoria faculty, graduate students, and community researchers. Non-stipendiary fellowships are available for visiting and sabbatical researchers. We also facilitate grant applications (including funding and logistical support) on behalf of university researchers with projects related to co-operative enterprise.

Our Saxena Library contains a collection of books, periodicals, and reports on community-based initiatives. Additional information including resource information, authors, articles, case studies, and other reports can be found on our website.

Organizational Structure

The centre is advised by a board composed of members from the co-operative and wider community, and an equal number of academics from UVic—including two Deans. It also includes a Program Committee to advise on the academic program of the Centre.


Dr. Ana María Peredo
Director, Centre for Co-operative & Community-Based Economy and Professor, Sustainable Entrepreneurship & International Business, Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria