Centre for Leadership Excellence

Centre for Leadership Excellence

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Centre for Leadership Excellence

Halifax, Canada 

Sobey School of Business
Saint Mary's University


Leadership in business is evolving with the presence of rapid, constant change; the emerging knowledge economy; and a culturally and generationally diverse workforce. We have moved beyond the traditional styles of command and control to newer models of leadership. The Centre for Leadership Excellence (CLE) is purposed with fostering an environment where emerging models of leadership can be explored and the theoretical and practical value of these models can be disseminated to stakeholders.

Main Activities 

We do research as well as outreach to community members. We also partner with industry actors that are interested in pursuing activities in our areas of expertise.

The centre has three main areas or pillars of expertise: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability and Ethics. Principal investigators and subareas of research within these pillars are listed below.

1. Leadership
2. Entrepreneurship 
3. Sustainability and Ethics
Transversal area of expertise: Governance and Responsible Leadership

Organizational Structure

The Centre for Leadership Excellence is a recognized Senate centre at Saint Mary’s University. As such, we are guided by strict accountability rules on reporting. We are also governed by a Board of Directors that includes members from the community. Presently staffing is done through volunteer student members. The centre is presently managed by its Director.


Chantal Hervieux