Centre for Responsible Business

Centre for Responsible Business

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Centre for Responsible Business

Rennes, France 

Rennes School of Business


The Centre for Responsible Business (Centre pour l'Entreprise Responsable) was founded in 2007 with the mission to create and disseminate knowledge on responsible business practices.

Main Activities 

Members of the Research Centre for Responsible Business engage in research on topics in four domains:
Knowledge on responsible business practices is disseminated to our internal and external stakeholders through CSR and business ethics teaching being an integral part of all Rennes School of Business programmes, through public presentations, round tables and workshops and collaborative research projects with selected companies.

Organizational Structure

All members are faculty, adjunct faculty and PhD students. The Centre of Responsible Business coordinates research, teaching and outreach activities of Rennes School of Business linked to responsible business practices.

The Centre engages with firms in CSR research projects tailored to the company’s needs. Past projects were conducted in the food, electronics and mining industry.


Julia Roloff
Associate Profesor