Centre for Social Impact

Centre for Social Impact

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Centre for Social Impact

Kingston, Canada 

Queen’s School of Business
Queen’s University 


  1. Educate the next generation of globally responsible leaders.
  2. Foster high-quality research to build knowledge on topics related to the successful formation and implementation of Responsible Leadership practice strategies.
  3. Support the non-profit community.
  4. Be a global advocate for Responsible Leadership by working on the world stage to better understand the challenges associated with globally responsible leadership and developing new and better ways to train future and current managers.

Main Activities 

Each of the Certificate programs has the following three components:
  1. Academic component with responsible leadership themed courses and assignments
  2. Conference and event attendance to expose students to a diversity of topics and business issues within the broad field of responsible leadership, and to give students the opportunity to learn from and network with leaders and practitioners in various fields
  3. Volunteer outreach activities with registered charities or non-profit community organizations

Organizational Structure

We have a small team of staff that coordinate our programming and events as well as a team of interns and student ambassadors. We also have an External and Internal group of advisors.


Tina Dacin