Centre for Sustainable Business

Centre for Sustainable Business

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Centre for Sustainable Business

Riga, Latvia

Stockholm School of Economics in Riga


The Centre for Sustainable Business at SSE Riga (CSB) at SSE Riga was founded in 2012. Its aim is to foster a discussion in the business community as well as in society in general on sustainability on all its dimensions. To raise the awareness about the importance of sustainability, CSB, in cooperation with its partners, provides research studies, publications, teaching, training, and contributes actively to public debates. The Sustainable Business Centre activities covers Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, but its reach is broader, including Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

Main Activities

The CSB is in charge of the course Ethics and Sustainable Business at the undergraduate level at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. The course is also offered in other institutions such as Sciences Po Lille (France). Also, the CSB is engaged in a process for developing courses within SSE Riga as well as content and pedagogical resources with partner universities. The objective is to train future generations of economic, social and political leaders to sustainable and ethical business. In addition, the Centre works through SSE Riga Executive Education programmes.

Examples of research areas include the waste of human, energy, and environmental resources, unjust and openly illicit business practices (e.g. corruption and shadow economy activities), governance, tax related behaviour, sponsorship and corporate citizenship, and corporate social responsibility (taking a stance and acting upon it).

Events/Policy Activities
An integral part of the Centre’s activities is to raise awareness of sustainable business. This includes an active communication both with policy makers, industry and wider audience involving events such as conferences, open lectures and seminars, workshops, guest lectures, roundtables, and media activities (e.g. interviews, tribunes, press conferences). 


Arnis Sauka
Director of CSB at SSE Riga, Associate Professor