Centre for Sustainable Enterprise Management

Centre for Sustainable Enterprise Management

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Centre for Sustainable Enterprise Management

Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom
Surrey Business School
University of Surrey


Our mission is to develop the knowledge, skills, and experience of future business leaders to address environmental and social challenges while managing business growth. While organisations strive for competitive advantage, innovative operations and reducing risk to their practices, we believe we are designing the next wave of sustainable enterprise which builds value for society and protects the planet, where business models are enhanced by financial, social and environmental sustainability to build organisations that genuinely enrich the rest of society. Our message is that the positive implications of improved environmental and social knowledge will enhance global human development.

Main Activities 

Surrey Business School has developed important strategic research, teaching and other initiatives which cohere around the theme of sustainable enterprise. We are building a critical mass of researchers to undertake innovative and world-class research in this area, aiming to increase the number of research-focussed academics currently specialising in this area.

The Centre for Sustainable Enterprise Management (CSEM) enables us to build upon our successes and propel our vision to the next level. Our aim is to become a leading player in this dynamic and important research area in order to enable high quality research outputs in world-leading journals, to contribute to influential professional discourse, and to make a positive difference in how to create and manage sustainable organisations. These outcomes will be enabled by concerted bidding to public and private research funders, capitalising on the urgency that is attached to these themes by policy-makers and funding bodies. This initiative comprises interdisciplinary research and a deep understanding of the economic, technological and practical principles of sustainability.

Our areas of interest include:

Organizational Structure

Director of Research: Prof. Alberto Aragon-Correa
Director of Centre: Vacant (recruiting)
Deputy Director of Centre: Dr. Rosanna Cole
Research active academic staff: See http://www.surrey.ac.uk/business-school/research/centre-sustainable-enterprise-management for details.


Dr Rosanna Cole
Deputy Director of the Centre