Centro de Investigación en Sustentabilidad y Gestión Estratégica de Recursos

Centro de Investigación en Sustentabilidad y Gestión Estratégica de Recursos

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Picture of Centro de Investigación en Sustentabilidad y Gestión Estratégica de Recursos

Centro de Investigación en Sustentabilidad y Gestión Estratégica de Recursos

Santiago, Chile

Facultad de Ingeniería
Universidad del Desarrollo


Our mission is to contribute to national and international development in matters of sustainability through the development of basic and applied research, a necessary approach in the context of climate change where strategic resource management is key in achieving genuine sustainable development.

Main Activities

CiSGER is a recently created centre at UDD which has a cross-disciplinary focus on sustainable and global social development through evidence-based decision-making and the development of feasible and practical solutions. Our centre is the first in Chile to focus exclusively on Sustainability Science.  CiSGER combines a variety of disciplines with experts providing experience and knowledge from the fields of environmental engineering, the environmental sciences, economics and law, and academic collaboration with several prestigious international institutions. One of the main aims of the centre is to understand the relationship between natural systems - ecosystems and natural capital - the source of goods and services for society as a whole, the impacts of their uses, and the implications of such relationships for the continuous improvements of industrial processes. The understanding of such interrelations requires new methodologies of quantification as of novel approaches under a holistic and systemic framework, that allow to propose new designs in engineering so that such systems are sustainable in the time. 

Today, CiSGER apply a wide range of tools methodologies such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Econometrics, GIS and material flow analysis (MFA) to constituent fields into sustainability science, such as environmental policy, management and assessment, environmental/ecosystem services modelling, human behavior, climate change, natural resources availability (e.g. water, land, minerals, etc.) and social impact assessment.

Finally, CiSGER's overall objective is to understand the relationship between Engineering, Society and Sustainability for the generation of solutions and tools that contribute to the advancement of social sustainable development. The centre will generate scientific knowledge of the highest level in addition to the formation of public policy proposals that will allow for more informed decision-making in the areas of agriculture, mining, public works, economy and finance, environment, transport and energy.

Organizational Structure

We have a Director and Subdirector. Our funding have been provided by Government and Companies throughout open calls and grants.


Dr. Alex Godoy-Faúndez


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