Corporate Social Responsibility Institute (CSRI)

Corporate Social Responsibility Institute (CSRI)

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Corporate Social Responsibility Institute

Tel-Aviv, Israel

The Business Faculty
College of Law and Business


CSRI mission is to promote CSR and sustainability thinking in the Israeli sector. 

Main Activities

The Israeli Corporate Social Responsibility Institute (CSRI) is a leading policy centre that aims at promoting transparency, sustainability, and accountability in the Israeli business sector. CSRI operates at various channels such as publishing position papers and conducting applied research; lobbying in the Israeli Parliament (the Knesset) by suggesting law proposals and regulatory amendments, and offering lectures and seminars for business executives. CSRI’s leading initiative in 2018 is the SDG Compass. It is a joint initiative of the world’s leading business organizations (i.e. GRI, Global Compact, and WBCSD) to align managerial tools with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Through this effort and others at CSRI, CLB is leading a nationwide effort to promote CSR and disseminate best practices for socially responsible conduct to local stakeholders in Israel.

Organizational Structure

CSRI is led by its head, Mr. Liad Ortar. Mr. Ortar is being supported by a team of interns. 


Liad Ortar