Creating Industry-Level Interest in Sustainability: Communications Tactics that Work

Communicating sustainability remains a top priority for leading industry associations and business organizations.
NBS September 23, 2017
Driving sustainability messages home to firms can be challenging. With various platforms at one’s disposal and competing messages hitting target audiences, getting one’s message across can be a thorny task. Despite such challenges, communicating sustainability remains a top priority for leading industry associations and business organizations.

On Thursday, June 19, the Industry Association Council (IAC) at the Network for Business Sustainability (NBS) Canada convened to discuss effective communication activities on sustainability. Facilitated by Ivey Business School Professor of Management Communications, Mary Weil, the IAC session explored the merits and implications of traditional and social media communications tactics in elevating sustainability as a key message within industry circles. The group’s key takeaways included:

LinkedIn is a valuable communications platform.

While it is undeniable that Facebook, YouTube and Twitter can be important channels of communication, LinkedIn as a business-centred social networking site can offer organizations direct outreach to professional audiences in the promotion of their story, brand and reputation. Specifically, LinkedIn enables organizations to: 
The workshop provoked a lively debate among participating leaders of several industry associations. In the coming months, IAC members at NBS Canada will explore additional ways to co-create informational products of value to industry associations and their members. Stay tuned to learn more and receive these materials! 

Industry Association Council Members

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