Department for Sustainable Management

Department for Sustainable Management

Picture of Department for Sustainable Management 

Department for Sustainable Management 

Kaiserslautern, Germany 

Faculty of Business Studies and Economics 
University of Kaiserslautern 


We undertake research on sustainability management from both an institutional and a functional perspective. Our research is following an intra-disciplinary approach which is problem-oriented and theoretically founded using quantitative and qualitative methods.

Main Activities 

In our research, as well as in our teaching, we address sustainability management from an institutional and a functional perspective.

Taking the institutional perspective, we connect sustainability management with public & nonprofit management. Thereby, we concentrate on two topics: sustainable regulation (new forms of regulation, lobbying, corporate political action, sustainable (city) development) and sustainable collaboration (forms of cooperation between companies and nonprofit organizations, e.g. corporate community involvement, corporate volunteering).

In our functional focus, we investigate connections between strategy, value creation, and accountability of a corporation towards its stakeholders, e.g. by investigating methods for social impact assessments, sustainability reporting, and stakeholder management.

Being part of a technical university, we offer courses for students majoring or minoring in technical studies, e.g. industrial engineering, business informatics, or business administration with technical qualifications. In our courses, we use various innovative teaching concepts such as interactive lectures, seminars, or service learning to convey the contents described above to the students.

Organizational Structure

The Department for Sustainability Management is held by Prof. Dr. Katharina Spraul. After having studied, obtained a PhD and a habilitation from the University of Mannheim (Department for Public & Nonprofit Management), she got called to her current position in Kaiserslautern in summer 2013. Her team consists of 2 research assistants and PhD students and several student assistants.

Funding for the center’s research and teaching comes mainly through the University of Kaiserslautern. However, collaborations with institutions and organizations from all sectors are sought.


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