Embedding Sustainability Working Group

Embedding Sustainability Working Group

The Embedding Sustainability Working Group was launched to provide companies with research and guidance on how to embed sustainability. 
NBS September 23, 2017
The Embedding Sustainability Working Group (ESWG) started with a framework to help companies inventory, prioritize, and focus their sustainability efforts. Dr. Stephanie Bertels of the Beedie School of Business, led the research with support from Dr. Jennifer Howard-Grenville, of the Lundquist College of Business. Together, they examined how companies embed sustainability into operations and culture,  assessing impacts during the research process.

Upon publication of the framework in the NBS Systematic Reviewand Executive Report on Organizational Culture, firms sought guidance on how to implement the framework. In response, Dr. Bertels and NBS convened a dozen leading, global companies to form the ESWG.Over a 3-year period, the framework was refined as companies engaged in collective learning.  New tools, resources, and diagnostics - like the maturity assessment - were developed to help companies understand and embed sustainability.

Today, the project continues in what has come to be called the Embedding Project. Dr. Bertels and her team continue to work with companies to help them apply the framework, facilitating a safe space for companies and change agents to effectively and efficiently share knowledge and ideas.

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