For Managers

For Managers

Are you committed to reaching your organization's social and environmental goals, and looking for research-based resources to help you in the process? Look no further. 

Resources for Managers

Each month, we publish the rigorous insights to shape your sustainability thinking—and action. Below are some of our initiatives and resources geared to managers. 

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Research Influencing Practice  

From 2008-2016, the NBS Leadership Council met annually to identify the greatest challenges facing Canadian business. These challenges are described in our business sustainability priorities reports.

Topics identified in these reports provided the scope of for NBS research and publications. Topics included: Civic Dialogue, Competitor Collaboration, Long-Term Thinking, Organizational Culture, Social Change, Socially Conscious Consumerism, Supply Chains, and many more. 

Learn more about all NBS topics by exploring the following articles. 
Reports and Articles

Sustainability begins at home. How can you get your house in order?

Reports and Articles

Sustainability is about interdependence. Learn how to work with other organizations to increase the impact of your sustainability efforts.

Reports and Articles

Some sustainability issues can’t be solved by business alone. Get research-based knowledge on how multiple parts of society can work together.


Business Cases

For years, companies have integrated social and environmental concerns into business strategies. Yet, little was known about the relationship between corporate social responsibility and financial performance. Financial decision-makers must find the right metrics to account for the many ways sustainability impacts the bottom line. Without a better understanding of how to measure CSR, managers may choose not to invest for fear it will undermine financial performance – or they may over-invest only to find they have destroyed shareholder value. In this topic area, find research and comment related to the financial issues.
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Recent Sustainability News and Events

NBS news covers the latest insights and events to shape your sustainability thinking and action. 
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Connecting on Collaboration

How should managers and researchers collaborate? We value the expertise of our network. We encourage you to share your experience and insights. What business sustainability issues do you see as most pressing? 
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