For Researchers

For Researchers

Interested in having sustainability impact on practice and conducting rigorous research? NBS wants to support you.
Here are some of our initiatives and resources geared to researchers.

In addition, we always value the expertise of our network. We encourage you to share your emerging work and insights. What business sustainability issues do you see as most pressing? How should business and practice be collaborating around them? We will compile priority issues and may be able to facilitate collaboration around them. 
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Recent Articles on Sustainability

Every month, we compile the latest research on management and sustainability in our “Table of Contents.” Journals we draw from include the Financial Times Top 45 list as well as sustainability-focused publications. 
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Guidance on Bridging Research and Practice

NBS seeks to bridge the gap between research and business practice by providing researchers with resources on how to co-create rigorous knowledge with practitioners. We provide articles, videos and webinars sharing insights in this emerging area.  Find out more – and help us co-create resources.
Reports and Articles
Co-create Research with Practitioners
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Sustainability Centres Community

Hundreds of sustainability centres at business schools around the world are dedicated to helping create a more sustainable business model. These centres teach, conduct research, and work with industry to make social and environmental change. The Sustainability Centres Community, launched in 2012, brings together centres for a webinars and workshops (next in June 2018).
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Research Impact on Practice Award

The Research Impact on Practice Award recognizes contemporary, peer-reviewed research that has important implications for practice. The research may focus on any dimension of social or environmental sustainability. NBS co-sponsors the award with the Organizations and the Natural Environment (ONE) Division of the Academy of Management. Find out how to apply.

Researcher Update

NBS’s monthly newsletter for the academic community provides research-focused news and opportunities. 

Opportunities Forum

NBS's forum provides space to share information on calls for papers, awards, open positions, conferences, and other events related to sustainability. Posts will be considered for publication in NBS’s monthly Researcher Update, which reaches 1300 sustainability researchers. 
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News and Events

The award recognizes research with important implications for practice. Previous winners have studied microfinance, industrial symbiosis, auditing, and more.